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Rawkstar DJ

Rawkstar Entertainment provides sexy, stylish, & fun events on all levels. Do not call us promoters or event coordinators.

We ARE THE BEST at throwing specialty parties, and also manage weekly nights for some of our clients. Ask anyone who has been to a Rawkstar show or party, we are a full service entertainment company. Fashion Shows, Sponsored Energy Drink Parties, Private Events, Chocolate Parties, Booze Cruises, THE RAWK SHOW, and much more.

Rawkstar Dj is where it's all about the music. Sick deejays from Boston & all around the country play as a Rawkstars. There are only ever 4 full time Rawkstars, with local & national guests coming to drop beats whenever they can. The spin, scratch, mix, play original mixes, and have mic presence. They are real dj's. They don't slam records, they don't pretend to be someone else. They're the reason you drop $300 on a bottle, and the reason you should go out. Except NO Substitutes.